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Some nerfers might think that HPA is dangerous, too expensive, or too complicated. However, I find the Axiom to be an easy-to-learn platform, only about as risky as a standard springer blaster, and lots of fun (CONTINUE READING…)

Improve the durability and performance of your blaster by simply switching out the spring. K-series springs are most common for Caliburns, Talon Claws and U-Series blasters. While they do work and are fairly durable, they aren’t rated for the amount of compression cycles we use in nerf, and will probably wear out in about a year…. (CONTINUE READING)

U-series blasters have been available for awhile, but we recently made some modifications to improve performance and durability. These tips apply to the U Talon Claw, U Bullpup and U Caliburn…(CONTINUE READING)

See how our filament colors will look on your blaster. 

See how the vanguard (dogbone-shaped) ramcore works when firing. The benefit of a vanguard is to be able to fire with the breech closed. 

Guide to Caliburn Upgrades

You can get many upgrades for your Caliburn. Some upgrades boost performance, some are for aesthetics. Either way, in this post, I’ll give some pros

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How to Get 300FPS on a Caliburn

If you’ve ever wondered how to get 300FPS on a Caliburn, here’s how. UPDATED INFORMATION! You can use an aluminum ram instead of brass!

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The Waymaker!

From the designer of the Bulwark and Lepus, Jackrabbitnerfer has designed another blaster—the HPA Waymaker. You can check out the Waymaker here  Before you get

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