“Hi, thank you for the awesome rainbow pistol, it has exceeded my expectations, powerful and louder than I thought but I guess you can expect that from a beefy spring lol…” Product: Full-length Rainbow Pistol

“This SunGun is so much fun, I’ve been neglecting my Longshot and Retaliator. I have a couple of Sharpfires that were modded and although they are deadeye accurate and fun for plinking, they can’t compare in power or range to your blaster. I’ve made some shots recently that I previously thought would only be possible with a Caliburn. It continues to surprise me.” Product: Rainbow Pistol

“I received that brass breech for the caliburn and install it and it works great. I have a piece of foam backing that I shoot at and it sticks them in the foam now. I’d like to do a speed test with a chronograph but I have to pick one up first.”

“Everything about ordering and dealing with SG has been wonderful. Would order again with zero hesitations!!!” -Jay Germinio

“Bought and Elite version Caliburn. The blaster is absolutely perfect in looks and in performance. Came early to boot. I would highly recommend Suns Guns as well as getting a Caliburn. Very happy!!” – Matt Yount

“well built home made pistol ,brought mine off a nerf buddy ,,its right up there with my 25kg fire strike as far as shooting goes ,,” – Dwayne Stanley