Rainbow Pistol


Powerful multipurpose pistol. 200FPS typical. Very accurate. Small size makes it very versatile.

Barrel is required for function. Base price is for plunger tube base platform only.

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-10 in overall length.
-K25 powered
-3.75in draw
-200 FPS typical
-Front end can take all 1/2 PVC barrels from single shot barrels to RSCB clips for 1-6 shots
-Rival and Mega compatible based on front barrel used
-3D printed 100% infill internal parts
-Very accurate and consistent blaster

– Loading mechanisms: Loading Mechanisms for Homemade Blasters
– RSCB: holds up to 6 half length darts in the default pistol size option
– Slide breech: single shot, single load barrel
– Single shot: remove the barrel and reload after each shot

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1.5 in
Body color

White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Clear, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Metal (+$10)

Handle Color

3D Solutech Real Black, 3D Solutech Natural Clear, Paramount Graphite Grey, AMZ3D Light Grey, AMZ3D Red, Paramount Iron Dark Red, Hatchbox Orange, 3D Solutech Real Purple, 3D Solutech Apple Neon Green, Hatchbox Green, Paramount Military Green, Hatchbox Blue, eSun Light Blue, 3D Best-Q Metal Light Silver, 3D Solutech Banana Yellow, Melca Neon Yellow, 3D Solutech Real White, Tianse Gold, 3D Solutech Navy Blue, 3D Solutech Hot Pink, Paramount Military Khaki Tan


Pistol (10"), Full length (16")


None, Single Shot, Slide Breech, RSCB

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