Mk7 Dessert Pigeon Hardware


All hardware parts needed to assemble a mk7.1 Dessert Pigeon.

Design by MHP Arms.



Hardware to assemble a Pigeon by MHP Arms.

Does not include battery.

xt60 connector
Red and black wires
Shell screws
21A switch
Motor screws
Pusher Screws
2x Motors
2x Flywheels
Heat Shrink
Steel Pin for Mag Release
Trigger Spring
Magazine Release Spring
Slide Return Spring

Motor Setup: 

– Merlin motors produce less heat and spin up faster than HoneyBadgers. Performance is similar to Honeybadger motors with the difference being Merlin motors are able to sustain a longer rev without heating up and are less likely to burn out if a jam occurs.

Access to files for printing your own parts available here: Print Files Download

**Original design by JackRabbitNerfer on Etsy. Sold with permission.

Additional information

Weight .2875 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in
FTW Wheel Color

Comet White, Cosmic Blue, Mars Red, Black Hole

Motor Type

Honeybadger, Merlin


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