How to Get 300FPS on a Caliburn

If you’ve ever wondered how to get 300FPS on a Caliburn, here’s how.

UPDATED INFORMATION! You can use an aluminum ram instead of brass!

We modified the aluminum ram to not leak anymore. We’ve address this issue by using two o-rings on the ramtip and/or making the o-ring notch taller and/or using a slightly larger o-ring. 

The aluminum ram is also better because it’s more durable than brass. Much less likely to break. You also can get a dogbone upgrade with aluminum and can’t with brass. 

With that, I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking.


0:45 Brass Barrel
03:10 Half-Length Darts
08:43 Aluminum Ramrod/Pusher (go with aluminum instead!)
09:44 Brass Ramrod/Pusher
13:32 Firing test with brass breech
15:15 Springs
21:41 Machined Parts
24:35 Aluminum Coupler Inserts
25:10 Firing test with spring load out and machined parts
26:41 Good airseal
28:54 For 300FPS-400FPS


Want more info on Brass? Check out this other post too: How to Get Top Performance with Bras


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