Our Story

We started in 2009 with basic modifications to Nerf blasters. From there, we dabbled more and more into modifications until eventually starting building homemades a few years afterwards. Back then, mod supplies and knowledge were limited. The Nerf community was much smaller, and aftermarket parts were far and few between. Fast forward a decade and now Nerf is more popular than ever. Technology is advancing and so has the hobby.

We’ve been building and selling blasters for nearly 10 years now and our aim has always been to make Nerf, especially homemade blasters, more accessible and available.


The Frontline Foam Team

Second Batch-19

Derrikk Sun

Started out as a Nerf hobbyist and enthusiast in the early 2000s. First did Nerf wars around the house, backyard, and with local friends. Shortly after, started modifying blasters. Eventually found interest in building blasters out of PVC and sharing them on online to Nerf forums and communities. Others saw the work and ordered commissions about every other week. Having taken up Nerf as a regular hobby, it grew as demand increased.


Grace Grammer

An archaeology major. Currently helps run social media by planning posts, updates, and giveaways. Also regularly assists in monitoring and managing 3D printing. Our printers are run through the cloud via wifi, but having extra hands available to switch out prints is still essential to the operation.


Stuart Ward

Currently enrolled in flight school and also studying manufacturing engineering. Well experienced in assembly and has been building homemades at a rate of nearly a blaster a day for the past year and a half. Also a great shot and aggressive Nerfer.

Steve Adams

Kaeli Glissmeyer

Our main photographer. Does product, event, and group photography. All of the professional photos on the site have been photographed and edited by Kaeli. Currently pursuing a degree in photography.

Asa Debuck

JJ Keeney

Works on the website development. Currently a full-time software developer, JJ is helping us create a more solid back-end and is putting together our own platform for running all aspects of our business from order fulfillment to accounting all through IOT.

Susie Hofheins

Royce Berube

Andrew Smith

How Our Process Works

  • Orders are received and production sheets automatically generated based on custom parts and colors the customer selects.
  • Hardware only orders are sent straight to the machine shop for processing. Orders containing printed parts are queued for printing through our cloud based print management software.
  • Parts are then printed by order date and completed print sets are then sent to the machine shop for post processing, assembly, testing, and packaging.
  • Hardware orders are put together from our stored inventory or components are custom made in house.
  • After orders are packed, double checked, and sealed, they’re sent back to our office where shipping labels and customs information are generated and then they’re on their way to your door.